Thursday, 15 April 2010

Week 2

Week two came and I`m really enjoying it! I must say I was a bit suspicious about analyzing and exploring search engines and portals… I guess I’m a Google fan (specially the scholar part!), but now I see what I’ve been missing…! Noodletools really exceeded my expectations and Twurdy was a wonderful surprise, since one of the problems our students have when they search the web is not understanding what they find and therefore many times, simply copying without reading, so the leveling of the sites according to their proficiency is essential!

I focused on “Askkids” and I really found it to be an excellent website for my students, young learners, to find what they need in a simpler and more objective way.
Another thing I’ve valued a lot are Deborah`s Tech tips related to web searching, I am in fact going to pass them on to my students, since they lack this type of knowledge when they are online.

At the moment I`ve been talking about the technological world we live in and the Internet with my 10th grade students, so the research I’ve made with the search engines and the objective I prepared for our task were directed to this class. Probably next week I will expect my students to perform the activity for which I prepared the objective I shared with you, the mind map about the Internet and global communication. Then I’ll tell you how it went! I will probably also suggest them to try out “Twurdy”, which will be good, since I have different levels of proficiency in this class, and some of my students are easily discouraged, when they don`t understand everything they read.

As for the ABCD model, I think it is truly useful and objective and it really helps us to put our activities into practice, I confess I didn`t know this model and I think I’m going to continue using I in my lesson plans, even in Portuguese. Something else that really got my attention this week was the expansion of Bloom`s taxonomy to the digital area, essential for us as well, since it is no longer possible for a teacher nowadays not to include the digital world in his or her teaching practice.

Truly a rich week! I`m really learning, unlearning and relearning!



  1. Dear Susana,
    I also find the ABCD model very influential when ti comes to setting our course objectives. My reading for different objectives of other participants also has added much to knowledge regarding setting different objectives in the future for other skills.
    We are learning in a fum way,right?

  2. Dear Susana,

    When I read your comment about Bloom's Taxonomy, I thought how we could integrate this taxonomy in our lesson plans?

    So I went to the search engine Clusty and typed the following query "Lesson Plan + Bloom's Taxonomy" and came up with 185 hits (

    When I saw the first result, I was like "Yes we can do it!" It's really nice to tie up the lesson in this gradual coherent way, isn't it?

    I guess the students will definitely notice this connection when they reach the last stage at the end of the lesson.



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  3. Dear
    I like your posts because I’ve found that we share almost the same interests as our students are alike. It looks you are making good progress and learning a lot. It’s the same to me. Things look interesting and fascinating as well.
    I would like to thank you because you have drown my attention to something I missed. It’s “Twurdy”. What you said about it pushed me try it on the spot and it looked really worthwile not only for our students, but us as well as it uses natural language.
    I have also tied “Askkids” which is also interesting.
    Keep the good work.
    Yours Hamid.