Saturday, 15 May 2010

Week 6 – Project

In my project right now, in pairs, the students are doing their written work, maximum 4 pages, on the topic they chose, which I will then correct so they can prepare a PPT presentation based on what they did to present orally to class.

As for myself at the moment I’m preparing the Google site to insert my students’ works, I intend to invite them as collaborators so they can not only see everything I put there but as well upload their work and help build “our” site. As they are Secondary students and quite responsible already, I am sure I will be able to create a sort of “English community” in which they will be the main participants with the intention of motivating them and promoting their independence.

They have been working well and some of them have already finished their written task and are already preparing their PPT presentation. On Monday we`ll be editing the website together in the classroom in order to create an individual page for each of them where they will start off by introducing themselves.

It`s been really cool preparing all this and students are anxious to work with the site!

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  1. Dear Susana,

    This is very exciting! I'll look forward to hearing about how it's going as part of your project report.